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Fonts and Transparencies
Last Updated: 02/14/2010
Font Type
Convert fonts to paths when possible. By converting fonts to paths in programs like Illustrator and FreeHand, you will avoid having to send the fonts with your files (we do not want to deal with them). When converting to paths, the text becomes a vector shape and will look no different than its original state. In Photoshop, text can be rasterized or "convert to shape" and therefore does not need the fonts. Keep in mind that after rasterizing or converting text, no changes can be made to the text. If your fonts are not converted to paths, shapes, or rasterized, your design may not be viewed the way it was meant to be seen. When we print the file, we may not even realize it since the press prints from the embedded code.

We accept files with transparencies but you are responsible for flattenning all transparencies to avoid any possible image problems. If you don't flatten the transparency, we flatten it automatically through our pre-press process. We may not contact you about it prior to printing, as a result, the final print image may shift in the flattening process and result in a change in the expected print image. Under these conditions, we are not responsible for the outcome of your transparency image.

Transparencies are caused by shadows, glows and transparent objects created in a vector based art board such as Illustrator and InDesign. If a file containing transparency problems is printed the result will be a white box under the transparent object or the image will layer and overprint inappropriately.


While we understand that using effects can sometimes enhance the appearance of a design, the best way to avoid transparency problems is to not use the effects that cause them. However, if you choose to use a transparency, we recommend that you flatten your transparency. Link to the following Instructions for help with resolving transparency problems.



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