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Sizing Files and Borders
Last Updated: 02/07/2010
Your print files should reflect the size that is being ordered. If you order a postcard at 4" x 6" then DO NOT give us artwork in the middle of an 8.5" x 11" PDF. Do NOT submit two files on the same "page". A front and a back should be submitted as two seperate files or as two separate pages in a single PDF. Make sure your bleed is captured in your file size being submitted. Provide bleed but NO PRINTER MARKS and NO CROP MARKS or we charge to remove them. Our professional presspeople set up all marks for printing and cutting. Don't do their job. DO NOT give us a layout of 6 or 8 business cards on a single page and expect us to cut them. We want a single piece of artwork per page. Page is custom sized to the artwork size (make sure you include the bleed).

File setup

We don't like thin borders and frames. Our machines cut stacks and there is a variance that occurs, making it very difficult to provide an even edge cut on all sides, as a result, the finished piece may not look exactly balanced. If your job MUST have a border, please note that the thicker the border or frame, the better the end result.

You give us the artwork to print. What you give us WILL be printed. If you give us a thin line around your artwork (because you wanted to see the boundaries of your artwork on your desktop printer) it will print and it won't look good.

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